Alain Burrese provides a variety of related programs under the Warrior’s Edge banner.  These range from 20-30 minute talks to full weekend seminars.  Regardless which prgram you choose, you will be entertained, educated, and inspired.  Alain brings humor, experience, and dynamism to these serious topics. 

Warrior’s Edge programs can be combined to make your event unique.  For example, you may wish to have Alain perform his Discover Your Warrior’s Edge key note to motivate and inspire your audience toward living with greatness and getting more done, and then add on a safety topic for a break out session.  Maybe your group would like half a day of joint locks and the other half working on Hapkido Cane defenses.  Whatever you and your group needs, Alain wants to work with you to ensure you get the best experience.



Warrior’s Edge Topics:

Discover Your Warrior’s Edge – Entertaining, Motivating and Inspirational key note

Take Care Be Aware – The Single Most Important Ingredient to Your Safety and Self-Defense

Stay Safe on Campus – Campus Safety Strategies to Keep You Safe at College

Stay Safe Traveling – Safety Strategies for the Travelor to Keep You Safe While On The Road

Stay Safe at Home – Home Safety Strategies to Keep You Safe in Your Own House, Apartment, or Condo

Stay Safe Anywhere – The Key Safety Strategies for Home, Traveling, and Anywhere Else You May Be

Lock On: Joint Locking Essentials – A Martial Art Seminar Focusing on Joint Locks; Including Wrist Locks, Arm Bars, Shoulder Locks, Finger Locks, Escort Locks, Combining Locks, Lock Flow Drills and More

Hapkido Cane Defense – Learn to Use a Walking Cane to Defend Yourself or to Become a More Complete Martial Artist

Self-Defense Essentials – Learn Essential Physical Tools to Defend Yourself