“I want people to stay safe.  I want people to be aware and be prepared.  I want people to be tough targets.”

“I want to help people do just that, stay safe, be aware, and enjoy life!”

- Alain Burrese, Expert on Safety and Personal Security

Take Care and Stay Safe!

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Take Care Be Aware Program

Discover why it is up to YOU to keep yourself safe

Learn the Awareness Color Code to stay Aware

Learn effective strategies to minimize the likelihood of being attacked

Understand what perpetrator are looking for and how to avoid them

Learn the second part of Awareness that many forget

Learn a simple strategy to reduce fear and gain confidence

Understand why avoidance is key when staying safe from crime

Discover how you can Take Care, Be Aware, and Stay Safe

Book Alain Burrese for your Safety Awareness Keynotes, Trainings, and Safety Presentations.

Great for Conferences, Weekly or Monthly Meetings, General Assemblies, Continuing Education, Staff Development and Education, or any other group that wants to learn to Be More Safe.

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