Good communication skills are the cornerstone to effective:


Conflict Resolution




Become a Black Belt Communicator by Mastering Communication Skills!

Alain Burrese teaches effective communication skills to various businesses and groups.  Alain says, “We are always communicating, but the key is to effectively communicate to achieve our desired outcomes.”  Alain teaches how to do just that!

 Black Belt Communicator Topics:

Effective Communication – tailored programs to address the audience’s communication needs.

Effective Communication for Conflict Resolution – Learn communication skills to better resolve conflict, and important skill for all workers, supervisors, managers, leaders, and anyone else who deals with people on a regular basis.

Effective Communication for Negotiation – Learn negotiation strategies to get more of what you want.  Programs tailored toward attorneys, business people, and anyone else who negotiates, and everyone negotiates.

Effective Communication for Mediation – Become a better mediator with Alain’s communication and mediation programs.  Alain teaches both basic mediation courses for those wanting to learn mediation skills, as well as continuing education programs for those who are already mediators.

Effective Communication for Leadership – Leaders must be able to communication, and Alain teaches effective communication skills to enable leaders to lead more effectively.  Leaders, or those who desire to be leaders, will greatly benefit from this program.

The Workplace Bully: Strategies to Deal with Workplace Bullying – Learn effective measures to prevent and deal with workplace bullies through communication strategies aimed specifically at this common and costly problem.

All of the above topics can be modified or combined to ensure your group gets the program that will most benefit your audience.  Alain will also add on to his programs at discounted fees.  For instance, a group may book an Effective Communication program for a key note, and then an Effective Communication for Leadership, or negotiation, etc. as a break out session.

Black Belt Communicator programs can also be combined with Warrior’s Edge programs for discounted fees at the same conference or event.