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  • I thought our conference overall was wonderful but two presentations REALLY moved me and left me thinking about them and yours was one of them. I love the mix of information and expertise you shared with us (the self defense techniques, stories of your own experiences: I went home and told my husband your story about meeting Ronald Reagan!, and your overall views on how to live our lives and take care of ourselves).–Portion of an e-mail from J.U. after the MUTPP conference, May 2010.

  • Alain's teaching approach is clear, concise and without unnecessary mysticism or superfluous movements. For those who say that joint lock techniques don't work...apparently yours don't but Alain Burrese's do.–Loren W. Christensen, author of numerous books on the martial arts.

  • Burrese's instructions are clear, straightforward, and precise, making it easy to understand all the important points. He is really an outstanding communicator and clearly a very proficient instructor.–Lawrence Kane Author of Blinded by the Night, among other titles